MultiEngine plus MultiTools. The all-purpose MultiSystem from STIHL soon has your garden shipshape again. Whether for tending the lawn, cultivating the soil or clearing large areas - with the STIHL MultiSystem, only one machine is needed for all the various jobs. You alone decide what you want and need. The STIHL MultiEngine at the heart of the system can be combined with all the tailor-made STIHL MultiTools - quickly and easily so that you are always ideally prepared for the job in hand.


  For Breaking up and loosening hard or compact soil, furrowing in mulches.  Technical Data Weight (Kg) 2.0

  For tilling previously cultivated loose soils and breading down coarse soil.  Technical Data Weight (Kg) 2.0

  For cleaning large areas and paths, including uneven or jointed surfaces as well as natural floors. Technical Data Weight (Kg) 4.2

  For removing old, dry cuttings as well as moss, grass or root residue from lawn.  Technical Data Weight (Kg) 8.6

  For precision lawn edging. Technical Data Weight (Kg) 0.8

  With the STIHL MultiSystem you are perfectly equipped for a whole variety of lawn-care, soil-cultivation and clearing jobs. The STIHL MM 55 MultiEngine on which the system is based can be combined quickly and easily with all

  For cleaning large areas and paths, sweeping wet leaves or dirt clearing snow and removing water.  Technical Data Weight (Kg) 3.9