STIHL cut-off machines are characterized by their ease of operation and ruggedness. They are normally hand-held, but can be mounted on a cart for greater precision and convenience when performing longer cuts.


  Hand drill with powerful petrol engine and various wood drills for holes up to 25 mm in diameter. With qucik release chuck, two-speed gearbox and reverse gear for the releasing jammed drill bits. Can be started in idle positi

  One-man earth auger with innovative QuickStop drill brake. Particularly for a large variety of purposes, from drilling simple holes in the ground to taking soil samples. Standard with equipment padding. Technical

  Powerful two-man earth auger with 3 kW power output and hinged carry frame.  Suitable for a large variety of tasks from drilling holes in the ground to taking soil samples.  Compatible earth auger bits in diamet

  The STIHL cut-off saw cart FW is supplied complete with mudguard (for TS400, TS460, and TS760). One of the attachment sets for the cut-off saw machine cart FW is required in order to mount your cut-off saw. Techn

  The STIHL FW20 cut-off saw cart for TS700/TS800 and now for the TS400, with quick tensioning system and convenient depth adjustment. The cut-off saw can be attached to the cart using the quick mounting system. Convenient dept